Another Dream

So the family and I are just relaxing in our Avila Beach vacation home, about to head out to the sand for an evening stroll, when I see a bright flash outside. I look out the window towards the ocean, and in the twilight I see a mushroom cloud in the very distant south, off the coast. I flip on the TV, and immediately emergency broadcasts are on – detailing the blast off the coast of Southern California. Initial reports state that the tidal wave will take about 15 minutes to reach the Central Coast. Just then, a low rumble shook the entire house.

I looked out the window and saw the idiots clammoring in their cars to take the only road out of Avila. It was a dead stop. Even if it was flowing, they couldn’t get far enough away in 15 minutes. I looked at the road towards Port San Luis. It was wide open.

I forced Lara and Devin out the door towards the car. She could see the wild, determined look in my eyes, and she understood that I would do anything to save us.

My first thought as I sped towards the port was that we would take refuge in a large boat, and hopefully it would float us to safety. There were a bunch of boats up in dry dock. Then I imagined the wave crushing the boats into the rocks above the port. Not a pretty picture.

As I rounded the corner, I had an even crazier thought: We could escape the nuclear blast inside the nuclear plant! Those things have huge domes of thick concrete designed to withstand all kinds of terrorists and earthquakes!

I pulled up to the entrance and 2 guards armed with AR-15s approached. I told them that if they were going to shoot us, they should shoot me and my family in the head so we die quickly, and then I sped off towards the plant.

Again – the alarm went off and we will never know if I made it or not…