Camaro time bomb

My wife’s Camaro just went into self-destruct mode.  It seems like all at once, everything broke.  The thing is 8 years old but it has low miles, and we take good care of it.  The windshield cracked, the brakes warped, the differential’s making noise, the speakers blew, and the battery gave up the ghost. 

The most challenging repair was the speakers.  She has the premium Monsoon sound system, and it has some crazy components.  The front 6½” speakers have separate inputs for the woofer and tweeter, with the crossover in the head unit.  My first thought was to simply frankenstein together some aftermarket speakers by bypassing the crossover in the speaker, but I was horribly wrong.  It turns out that they used 2Ω woofers and 4Ω tweeters!  Most aftermarket speakers have 4Ω voice coils, which would mean crappy bass response.  I looked up the price of the factory replacement speakers, and they were $90 EACH! 

A quick internet search found that many people had suffered this situation and found a solution with Infinity’s Kappa speakers, which have 2Ω voice coils.  I picked up a pair of 60.9cs component speakers, and wired ’em up.  The main dilemma came when I read a little on impedence matching.  It turns out that most amps can easily drive speakers with higher impedence than rated, but using a lower impedence speaker can damage your amp.  I was worried that the 2Ω tweeters would cause problems.  The increased power would also mean overwhelming highs.  You could solve this by going to your local RadioShack and wiring a couple 1Ω – 10 watt resistors in series with the tweeter, but I chose to just hook up the included crossover to the tweeter and use the -6dB button to reduce the output (RadioShack was out of the resistors I needed). 

The Kappas sound awesome, and they’re loud enough to drown out the horrible noise coming from the rear end!  Let’s just hope nothing else breaks!