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The Fires

We got a little scare today when someone told me that a fire in Fontana had some people considering mandatory evacuations in Rancho Cucamonga.  Fortunately, the fires in Fontana have been contained.  We're all safe, but we can still see the plume from the Grass Valley and Slide fires near Arrowhead.  Lara took some pictures today:

Fire Plume

Here you can see the plume rising.

Santa Ana Winds

This shows the wind bending the trees.  These Santa Ana winds are fierce.  They have gusts up to 80 mph.  Stuff from our yard has been blown into neighbor's yards - Three trees were blown over in our neighborhood - I even saw freeway signs that were bent from the force of the winds.

Sun Obscured

The smoke was so thick this afternoon that the sun turned red.  You can see ash falling like snow in some places. 

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Drama at Home

The police evacuated us today after busting a meth lab on our block. Luckily, we had friends a block away that let us stay at their house for a few hours. Silly tweakers! 

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