Christmas Redux

The big news this year is the puppy.  We picked her up the day before christmas eve, and if you ask Devin who brought the puppy he says “Santa!”  Christmas eve the Santa Ana winds were really howling, so we named her Windy Holiday – “Holly” for short.  I had forgotten what it’s like to have a puppy.  She chews, shits, and piddles on everything.  She has dug up all Lara’s flowers in the planters out back – so that she can chew on the roots.  It’s kind of like having two kids that we’re potty training.

Devin and Puppy

The holiday didn’t include a whole lot of relaxation.  We flew to Denver, where we spent time with friends and family.  As soon as we got back, we did a birthday party – then drove to SLO.  When we got back, we did four more christmas celebrations at home.  When all was said and done, Devin had Christmas seven times! 

Cousins in SLO


So, we’re in Colorado – Devin’s really psyched to see snow for the first time! We must’ve looked like idiots playing in the snow outside Applebee’s.

We got to see Jenny and Alan and the famous Rocky Mountain Pug – Baxter. They’re doing well and really like Colorado.

Devin discovered his kegel muscles and found that he has control over one more appendage. He has fun making it go up and down and up and down.

I’ll post some photos of us in the snow as soon as we get back.

Merry Christmas,