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I have to go potty!!!

We were flying to SoCal for my step- brother's wedding. We were late and had to run through the entire terminal. Devin stops 100 feet short of the gate and grabs his crotch: "I have to go potty!" he screams at the top of his lungs. I looked at my watch. The flight was scheduled for 6:20. It was 6:18. I yelled across the terminal: "Run, Devin, Run! You can go potty on the plane!" People began to stare. Devin didn't budge. In the end, we made it. Southwest rocks! they waited for us!

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Devin Does OMT

We were all hanging out at Kevin and Ian's house one evening - giving each other treatments, when Devin jumped up and started cranking on my neck!

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So, we're in Colorado - Devin's really psyched to see snow for the first time! We must've looked like idiots playing in the snow outside Applebee's.

We got to see Jenny and Alan and the famous Rocky Mountain Pug - Baxter. They're doing well and really like Colorado.

Devin discovered his kegel muscles and found that he has control over one more appendage. He has fun making it go up and down and up and down.

I'll post some photos of us in the snow as soon as we get back.

Merry Christmas,



Summertime Video

Here's a quick video of Devin over the summer:

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Death Metal Baby


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Devin Walking

Here's Devin's Latest Video: [Walking]

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More Devin Vids

Lara posted a couple of videos on Devin's site recently. Here they are again:


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Devin’s Sixth Sense

Some more funny pics...


My Baby Ate My Homework!

I left Devin on the floor to play while I was studying for exams and...