So, we’re in Colorado – Devin’s really psyched to see snow for the first time! We must’ve looked like idiots playing in the snow outside Applebee’s.

We got to see Jenny and Alan and the famous Rocky Mountain Pug – Baxter. They’re doing well and really like Colorado.

Devin discovered his kegel muscles and found that he has control over one more appendage. He has fun making it go up and down and up and down.

I’ll post some photos of us in the snow as soon as we get back.

Merry Christmas,


Everybody’s got a freaking website now!

Lara’s Lair can now be found at Devin is by far the youngest person to ever have a website. Just yesterday he downloaded in his pants! Devin’s Deeds can be found at I know these addresses are going to be hard to remember (They’re so counter-intuitive) so I put links up at the top of my site, too.