It sucks, but I was kind of expecting it. After the first day, I thought I was free and clear because nobody had said anything to me. The second day of rotations, the chief resident pulled me aside and informed me that the program director was not OK with my hair. I think he was a little surprised when I didn’t get defensive or put up a fight about it. I cut it the same day. It turns out that it was a “no publicity is bad publicity” type situation, because now everybody knows who I am, and I totally came across as a team player. Hilarious.

The bottom line is – hair grows back, and job opportunities don’t.

5 thoughts on “Hair[cut]”

  1. Like, wow. I feel like I have truly entered the twilight zone.
    What did the barber (or stylist) say when you said you wanted it all cut off?
    What did Lara and Devin say?
    Did you save it to send to Dr Binkard for his cancer program?
    You look sharp and professional and almost like a yuppie (you just need a beemer to complete the new look).
    O.K. I’m done now

  2. Hey ! sooooo crazy!!!!!!!!! it looks good, different… i havent seen you with short hair since you were like in high school HAHA

  3. Looks great, Brian. Way to go!! Also in the spirit of professionalism, I have dropped the nickname and am now going by “Candice.”

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