My buddy Scott and I decided to go golfing on the last day of our winter break today.  It was the perfect way to relax and unwind before heading back into that dungeon of a lecture hall. 

Once we hit the back nine, the foursome of old slugs in front of us let us play through, so it was wide open with nobody in front of us or behind us.  As we came up on the tee of the 11th hole, I noticed the Marshall drive up behind us.  He spent a few moments checking the fluid level on the ball washer, topped it off, and then went on his way.  As he drove past us, I was thinking about that sign that said “No carts beyond this point” that Scott ran over with cart.  The thought filled me with laughter, but I stuffed it back down so that only a wicked smile escaped.  The marshall smiled back at me and mumbled a greeting like “good afternoon” or something.  I think it was the first time I had heard a marshall say anything other than “You cant drive the cart there…” or “Learn to rake a sandtrap you idiots” or “You can’t play the same hole twice” or “This isn’t a driving range”.   In fact, I think it was the first time I ever saw a marshall smile. 

The hole was one of those great 400 yard deals with the tee and the green on hills and a large canyon between them.  The marshall whizzed down the cart path that snaked down the hill under the tee.  I told Scott he could tee off first, but he reminded me that I had honors.  I insisted that he go first, and he turned and said “What, you want me to be the one to hit the marshall?”  We had a little laugh and Scott lined up his shot as the marshall rounded the last switchback at the end of the hill. 

Scott’s tee shot looked good at first, but then it started hooking off to the left a bit.  Scott whispered “Fore” and let out a little half-hearted laugh as his ball headed straight for the marshall’s cart.  When it hit, Scott dropped to his knees in disbelief.  Thank god the marshall couldn’t hear us laughing at 200 yards.  I watched him for a minute, and when he didn’t turn around I thought: Either he didn’t notice, or he’s running for cover.  Eventually he turned around and came back up to us.  To my surprise, he wasn’t even pissed.  We even had a good laugh about it with him. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  Check out Devin’s site for some home movies….

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