Benjamin is dead

So, I rented a car at Enterprise over Thanksgiving. They upgraded me, we were really happy, and everything was cool until I tried to pay. The girl who was checking out the car with me said: “Should I just go ahead and charge that to the card you gave us to reserve the car?”. I happened to have three fresh Ben Franklins on me, so I said, “No, I’ll just pay cash.” She was dumnfounded. She asked me to follow her into the rental office and she started looking around frantically as if she didn’t know what to do. Finally she whispered to one of her coworkers: “Can we take cash?” He shot back, “We can’t take more than a hundred”. She slithered back over to me and related the information. The stupefied look on my face should have told her I had heard. She graciously offered to take a hundred off my hands and put the rest on my card. My mouth was gaping. It took me a minute to gather myself together and mutter something about the ridiculousness of the situation, I opened my wallet and stared at the poor, helpless bills. They had no idea what was going on. They promised to be good, legal tender for all debts public and private, but today they just sat there inept.  I stared at my wallet some more, then I shook my head and caved in.  Damn currency communists!

Then I saw a guy driving a van with a little mini dreamcatcher hanging from his rear view mirror.  Is he planning on falling asleep at the wheel, or what?

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