Some posterize art with GIMP

One of my reservations in switching to Linux was Photoshop.  I really like Photoshop and I’m comfortable with it.  In order to get comfortable with GIMP, I decided to do a few little projects.  One of the filters that I really missed from photoshop was anisotropic filtering, but I found a wonderful filter for GIMP called Greycstoration.

I took the original files, erased the background, touched them up, and converted them to greyscale.  Then I created multiple layers with varying degrees of threshold applied.  Then I used the sobel difference of gausians to add some edge highlights.  I adjusted the opacity on the layers to achieve the posterize effect, and then used the greycstoration filter to smooth everything out.  Here are the results with the originals.

4 thoughts on “Some posterize art with GIMP”

  1. I found your site looking for a gimp tutorial. I’m trying to accomplish something like you’re effect above. I’ve figured out most of your steps, but haven’t found the “greycstoration” filter (is it included w/ Gimp or a plug-in?). I’m also not getting the smooth edges & cartoon-like finish you have. Do you have a more detailed process available for me to use?

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Here’s a link to the GREYCstoration download on sourceforge:

    Just download the plugin, unzip it, read the readme file, and put the right file in your GIMP plugin directory (in linux this is /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/)

    Using the GREYCstoration filter can do an excellent job of smoothing out rough edges and giving you that “cartoon-like” look you’re looking for. Sometimes, I can’t quite get enough power out of it, but the ‘iterations’ slider at the bottom comes in handy at running it several times. Just be careful if you’ve got a large file, it can take some computing power!


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