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Features Powweb Yahoo Dreamhost Godaddy Bluehost
Disk Space 1,500 GB Unlimited 500 GB 150 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 15,000 GB/mo Unlimited 5,000 GB/mo 1,500 GB Unlimited
OS UNIX UNIX / FreeBSD Debian Linux Linux CentOS Linux
MySQL Databases 75 Yes Yes 25 100
Mailboxes Unlimited 1000 Unlimited 500 2500
Mail Storage User Defined Unlimited 6 GB/box 500 GB total Unlimited
Mail/Web Support Web Only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes $9.95 Yes Yes
Domain Included Yes Yes Yes $1.99 $10
Cost $7.77 / mo $11.95 $10.95 $6.99 $9.95
Setup Fee $30 $25 $49.95 NONE! $30

Features and pricing were quite variable among the providers I was looking at. I really didn’t care because looking back at my history with Powweb, I use about 2GB of disk space and about 100MB of bandwidth monthly. Godaddy is really bringing up the rear in terms of features. It might be worth noting that the ‘Deluxe’ Plan is their middle-tier plan, but their top-tier plan only doubles disk space and bandwidth (still keeping them below all others here) and the ‘Premium’ plan is $14.99! That’s more expensive than any of the other hosts here. It is also worth noting that they were the only provider that allows month-to-month billing with no setup fee. Their pricing scheme is really aimed at getting you to buy more features rather than pay for services in advance. All the other hosts bait you with low prices, but then require you to sign up for months or years of service in order to get it. Dreamhost is probably the most guilty in this respect. You need to pay TEN YEARS in advance in order to get the price they advertise on their homepage. Most plans will waive the setup fee or offer you a free domain if you pay in advance. Looking at the unlimited plans (Yahoo and Bluehost) Once you factor in the price of the setup fee and domain – they’re about equal. Yahoo might cost a bit more in the long run.

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