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I had never heard of Bluehost before I saw a banner ad on a hosting review site. For some reason, the name stuck with me – and am I glad I found them!

When I signed up with Bluehost, I was blown away by how quick it was. I just filled out my contact and payment info and chose a password, clicked next, and suddenly I’m on my control panel ready to get down to business. It was that quick and easy.

Their control panel is a huge column of pretty icons that are neatly arranged in intuitive categories. I was able to quickly find what I needed to get the job done. My websites were uploaded quickly and worked like a charm the first time.

I can’t really comment on Bluehost’s support services because I NEVER NEEDED THEM. I did happen to chat with a sales rep before I signed up, and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Bluehost has email and phone support included.

The final blow to the other hosts was the performance. Bluehost boasts quad-proc boxes running CentOS linux. They really do well with static and dynamic content.

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