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I saw an ad for Dreamhost on somebody’s website when I was downloading a php script.

Once signed up, I had a hard time navigating their control panel. Some of the options are just poorly titled or poorly categorized. The menus make no sense to me. I was able to get most everything up and running without incident with the exception of my gallery. I spent several hours reading articles in dreamhost support, on the zenphoto forums, and on the web. The fact that there were many tutorials on “How to install Zenphoto on Dreamhost.” clued me in to the fact that there is just some sort of inherent compatibility issue. Unfortunately, I was unable to get it to work.

When I contacted support I found that they do not offer troubleshooting for third party scripts. They do not offer phone support unless you specifically pay for it. When I did use e-mail support, they got back to me quickly and were very knowledgeable. Support uses a wiki for their documentation, which makes sense. The search results for the wiki are very poor, though. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

Dreamhost does offer a Zenphoto “one-click install”. Unfortunately, the user does not have FTP access to the /albums folder or access to the database. This meant that if I wanted to use them I would lose all comments and descriptions, and I would have to spend about three hours doing http uploads of 700 photos one at a time. No thanks.

One thing I did enjoy was the option to have Google host my domain’s mail on Gmail. Dreamhost was also exceptionally fast with page loads. I suppose if you didn’t have Zenphoto, they’d be great!

I cancelled my account online within the 97 day money-back guarantee period, and the full amount of my payment was refunded to my card.

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