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I gave Yahoo a shot because they have good brand recognition. To be honest, their pricing scheme is a bit steeper than any other host I looked at, but they do offer a lot of “unlimited stuff”. Unfortunately, once I signed up I found out how “limited” Yahoo really is.

One complaint many people have is that the UI is too “dummed down” for advanced users. Personally, once I found out how to bypass the welcome screen and go straight to the control panel, I found administration to be pretty straightforward.

When I started uploading my files, I noticed a lot of failed transfers! After a little investigation, I found that they don’t support filenames with whitespace! I have a ton of images in my zenphoto gallery that have spaces in the filenames. I spent the next 6 hours coming up with a solution. I used a program to replace the whitespace with underscores in my filenames, but I knew that I would also have to fix the filenames in my database! I exported the files table as .sql, imported it to excel as comma delimited text, then did a find and replace on the filename column to replace the whitespace with underscores. Finally, I exported the file as .csv and pasted it back into the .sql file.

After all that work, I was still having trouble getting my Zenphoto gallery up and running. Then I noticed that when I uploaded my .htaccess file in FTP, the transfer failed! A little more investigation turned up the fact that they DON’T ALLOW .htaccess files!

I opened two support tickets with Yahoo. After submitting the support ticket, the confirmation screen says that average response time is 24 hours. A week later, I had not heard back on either ticket. I called tech support twice, and both times I was connected quickly to people who spoke with a strong Indian accent and had trouble understanding my American accent. The really frustrating thing I encountered was that their documentation says that MySQL hostnames are “localhost”, but when I called support they told me I had to use “mysql”.

When I contacted Yahoo to cancel, they referred me to their billing department. The billing department does not have e-mail contact information, only a phone number. You can only call between 6AM and 6PM. I called three times and gave up each time after being on hold for 45+ minutes. The fourth time my phone ran out of batteries while I was holding, and the fifth time the line went dead after 10 minutes of holding. Determined to get through, I put my phone on speaker and held the line for over 90 minutes on my sixth call before speaking to a person in billing. Once I actually spoke to someone, they were happy to cancel my account and refund the full amount of my payment (about $30 for 3 months).

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