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The first host I evaluated was Godaddy. I chose them because you can buy one month at a time with no setup fees, and they have Super Bowl ads with hot chicks.

As soon as I started signing up, I began to get irritated. They won’t let you choose a weak password for anything, so you have to use something with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers. This meant I had to come up with something new and write it down. Then I found that navigating their website was a chore. You have separate logins for hosting and mail administration, they link out to a different domain for your control panels, and you can’t bookmark your control panel.

They advertised 500 mailboxes and 500 GB of storage with the plan I bought, but then they keep trying to sell me e-mail plans. When I login to my e-mail control panel, I can’t add forwarders. They have a link to “purchase forwarding”. I had to call support and go through a 10-step process just to “enable” my included e-mail plans, and even then they come in 5 chunks of 100 mailboxes and 100GB of storage. WEIRD!

There were three big downsides to Godaddy for me besides their crappy site design: First, they don’t allow multiple concurrent FTP connections, so you can only upload or download one file at a time. This isn’t a big deal for large files, but it can slow things down a bit if you have a ton of smaller files. Another annoyance is the fact that when you make changes, you have to wait. Whether it’s creating a database, deleting a subdomain, or creating a mail user, nothing is instantaneous. Every time you do something it’s: “pending deletion” or “pending setup”. Why can’t they just DO IT! The last big problem was their MySQL setup. The hostnames seem to be randomly selected, so you might have mysql151.secureserver.net for one database, and mysql134.secureserver.net for another. It didn’t end there – the database name and username are forcibly the same. This means that you cannot use the same username for all your MySQL databases, and you have to log out and log back in to phpMyAdmin each time you want to work on a different database. That’s not all – I also had trouble importing my database because they don’t allow file uploads of more than 2MB. I had to split my .sql backup into multiple pieces just to get it to upload!

During my setup, I had to contact support 4 or 5 times. Each time they responded within 24 hours and resolved my problem right away. Everyone I spoke with was courteous, professional, and had the technical knowledge to answer my question right away.

I cancelled my account online with no problems.

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